Cut Back On Lawn Maintenance By Using Alternative Grass Species

Cut Back On Lawn Maintenance By Using Alternative Grass Species

You have a beautiful new home and you’re looking for the best possible lawn to continue the beauty outside, but you don’t have the time for a high maintenance garden or lawn. It’s the dream, isn’t it? We all want the perfect garden for the kids and the pets, but also the time on weekends just to enjoy it? Keep reading to find out which turf will give you the best looking lawn in the street and not cut into your family time on weekends.

Nara Grass

Nara grass is an all-round winner for busy families without the extra time to spend on lawn maintenance. It is a robust turf with all the qualities needed for long-term enjoyment with short-term gains in the time department.

It was bred in Australia from Zoysia Macrantha a native grass found mostly on the eastern half of the country. Minimal mowing does not mean high invasion. You can be sure your garden beds will be safe from invading grass with Nara. It has high drought and salt tolerance – perfect for coastal and regional areas. It’s dense growth discourages weeds and it has a high pest and disease resistance also. Nara grass is hardy and resistant to many of a gardener’s worst fears and the topper on the cake is it only needs to be fertilised once or twice a year, saving you time and money.

Lawn Maintenance


Kikuyu might be the best option for a family with children or pets because of its ability to grow quickly to repair wear and tear. Shade is not this turfs friend, so minimal shade would be best when considering Kikuyu.

It has high traffic tolerance and high drought tolerance, perfect for Australia’s fluctuating climate. It is fast and low growing which means less maintenance and time behind your lawnmower. And it requires less fertiliser than other turf varieties to stay green and healthy.

Sapphire Buffalo Grass

Sapphire Buffalo Grass has a beautiful, fine texture but is remarkably resilient. Its fast-growing abilities make it great for high traffic areas even in 50% shade. If you have a shady garden perfect for sitting on a garden bench, even in summer this grass could be the best choice for you.

Sapphire Buffalo needs less maintenance than other turfs and only infrequent watering once it’s fully established saving time and money. It’s weed resistant and perfect for cold climate areas as it also has a high tolerance for frosts and has the capability to keep it’s beautiful green/blue colour all the year round.

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