Lawn Solutions 101: What Happens When Grass Goes To Seed?

Lawn Solutions 101: What Happens When Grass Goes To Seed?

Ever looked at your lawn as the season warms up and thought – “What are those weird looking things on my grass?” They might be seeds. Your lawn will naturally begin to seed as the weather warms up and we head into spring. All plants naturally flower and seed and this is a sign that your lawn is healthy and growing well. With that in mind, if your lawn seeds for too long it can be a sign that your lawn is under stress and needs some lawn solutions quick!.

Stress Factors include –

  • Lack of Water
  • Lack of Nutrients

Allowing your grass to grow to a length where the seeds can develop and naturally re-seed into your lawn is not one of the best lawn solutions for bare patches. It can take weeks for grasses to grow long enough for the seeds to dry up and fall naturally into the soil.

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Here are the three main reasons this is not a great idea –

Weed Control

One of the best ways to maintain your lawn weed-free is through mowing. Mowing regularly especially in the warm months weakens weeds and slows their ability to reproduce.

Thins Lawn

Instead of achieving what you may have hoped for with a thicker, healthier lawn – it may actually have the exact opposite effect. Growing to a length where flowers and seeds are germinating takes a lot of energy for a blade of grass. This energy could be better spent on developing further root stalks that will have the desired effect of a thicker, healthy-looking lawn.

Hybrid Problems

Most of the grasses we have on the market today are hybrids. They are beautiful lawns, hardy, drought-resistant in some cases and maintain well. Their seeds, however? Infertile. Yep, leaving this grass to seed won’t help. They won’t grow new grass. If they do grow new grass, the grass won’t be the same hybrid you have in your lawn but will revert to the wild grass it was bred from resulting in mismatched patches in your lawn.

The lawn solutions your after are quite simple:

  1. Water regularly.
  2. Feed your lawn up to four times a year.
  3. Mow weekly. (In the warm months)

Follow these three simple pieces of advice and your lawn will look great and be a lot healthier. But if there is any concern for your lawn come talk to us at Rivers Edge Turf. We love helping our customers achieve and maintain the lawn of their dreams.  Call us today on (02) 4579 9009 to see how we can help find lawn solutions for you.


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