How To Keep Your Lawn Green During Winter – 5 Expert Tips

How To Keep Your Lawn Green During Winter – 5 Expert Tips

Most plants enter a dormant phase during the colder months.  Your lawn is no exception. But that certainly doesn’t mean you have to be content to look out on a yellow, patchy and lawn all winter! And just because it’s cold, is no excuse for you to shut yourself indoors and forget about your lawn either: prevention is better than cure, and there’s plenty of things you can do to help maintain a beautiful green lawn all winter long.

We all know how important it is to care for our bodies during winter: our lawns appreciate a little extra TLC too.  And some of that begins before the temperatures really fall.  Read below for our 5 top tips on winter lawn care:


Many of us start to dose up on vitamins and minerals before the winter really sets in – why not do the same for your turf?  To give your lawn the best chance to survive the cold season, it’s oh-so-important that you fertilise it well during the autumn.  There are schools of opinion about what type of fertiliser is best to use, however, we suggest one that is high in potassium and phosphorus. Potassium will help to strengthen the blades of grass and aide in in the self-recovery process, while phosphorus promotes strong and robust root growth in preparation for winter.  Fertilising well will ensure that your lawn has what it needs to sustain the colder temperatures and fight off disease and rot.

Keeping Your Lawn Green In Winter - Fertiliser

Raise the Bar

If you haven’t already raised your cutting deck during the autumn, it’s time to do it now.  Your lawn is under a lot of stress during the winter and scalping it (cutting too low) may be enough to kill it completely.  Raise the cutting deck a few notches and mow using a catcher.  Longer blades will give the soil and grass roots that little bit of extra protection, and provide more opportunity for the sunlight to be absorbed into the plant.

Don’t Leave the Leaves

We get it: raking up fallen leaves is a painstaking business.  And sometimes knowing what to do with them all is even worse!  But in the interest of caring for your grass, don’t be tempted to leave the leaves lying around.  Fallen leaves prevent the sunlight from reaching the blades of grass and may be the cause of ugly dead patches on the lawn.


If your lawn has had a workout during the summer months (heavy foot traffic, hot temperatures etc) it’s highly likely that the soil has become compacted.  To ensure that the air and moisture can penetrate down into the root zone easily, you may wish to consider aerating your lawn.  If you have a small turf area, this can be easily done using a pitch fork; for a large lawn, it might be easier to hire a mechanical aerator.

Give Your Trees a Haircut

If you have large trees that throw a lot of shade over your lawn area, it’s wise to give them a trim. Thinning the canopy of your trees or pruning overhanging branches can allow a lot more light to filter down onto the grass, helping to maintain a robust, healthy lawn.

The team at Rivers Edge Turf are only too happy to assist you with more expert tips on winter lawn care.  We love healthy, happy lawns and our staff is willing to share their knowledge and experience to help you create and maintain a lawn that’s worth being proud of.  Call us today on (02) 4579  9009.


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