Your Guide to Laying Turf in Spring

Your Guide to Laying Turf in Spring

Spring is the perfect time of year to lay turf in Australia. While it’s true that your lawn can be installed at any time of year, the warming weather and potential for new growth in spring makes it an ideal time to start the process.



The benefits of installing your lawn in spring

Installing your lawn in spring has many benefits.

Spring is the time of the year for new growth, when new foliage is blooming, and shoots are sprouting. The weather is also warming up gradually and there’s adequate rainfall to provide your lawn with the water it needs. Because of this, your lawn will be able to establish a deep root system, giving it the best chance of surviving the hot, dry summer.

Installing your lawn in spring

How to install your lawn in spring

Installing your lawn in spring is as simple as following this four-step process:

1. Prepare the ground

Preparing the ground is an essential first step to laying turf in spring. Investing your time, energy and money into this process will help your turf establish a healthy root system and improve its health long term.

Ground preparation can be finished in a few simple steps:

  1. Level the soil: Prepare the ground by flattening the soil so it’s level. You can do this with a hand rake, though you may benefit from using a bobcat in larger areas.
  2. Remove debris: This is something you can do in tandem with preparing the ground. Simply remove any rocks or debris as you go, so that your turf has a clean and healthy surface to grow on.
  3. Add topsoil: Adding topsoil isn’t required every time. It’s a good step to include if the soil that already exists lacks sufficient organic matter, as the turf may struggle to establish a deep root system in these cases.

2. Install irrigation

Again, this may not be necessary for everyone. If you’d like to install irrigation, this is the time to do it – right after finishing up ground preparation.

3. Start laying your turf

Now the ground has been prepared and irrigation installed, it’s time to start laying turf. Here are the key steps to follow when laying turf:

Laying Turf in Spring
  1. Lay from the edges: Start laying your turf from one edge of the yard against a footpath, building or fence. Lay the turf along this edge until it stops, then continue along the next edge.
  2. Lay to the centre: Continue laying turf from the outside in, making sure to keep the rows tight.
  3. Fill the gaps: There may be a few small gaps leftover. Use a Stanley knife to cut the appropriate size pieces from the remaining turf.
  4. Check for imperfections: Have a look at the final result and be sure to fix up any imperfections.

4. Water your new lawn

Once your new spring lawn has been laid down, it’s time to water. It’s important that the water penetrates the turf, meeting the ground below. Each day lift the turf and check if there’s moisture below. While your turf is first establishing its root system, you want to make sure the soil is moist every day. You’ll know when the root system has been established as you won’t be able to lift the edge up anymore.

Spring is the perfect time to lay new turf. At Rivers Edge Turf, we offer a wide range of turf varieties including Kikuyu, Nara, Buffalo, Wintergreen and Sapphire. To enquire about our products and services, get in touch with our friendly team on 02 4579 9009.


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