How Much Water Is Too Much Water? A Guide To Getting It Right

How Much Water Is Too Much Water? A Guide To Getting It Right

Water is a key component in the care of our lawn. Too little water, as in situations of drought, or a forgetful homeowner and the grass simply dries up and dies. Too much water can also be problematic and cause the grass to drown. Knowing how much water is too much water will ensure you have a beautiful, healthy lawn.
Here are a few things to consider when watering your lawn.

Where you live

The first factor in how much water you need to provide your lawn is how much rain and moisture is already provided by mother nature. If you live somewhere that is particularly humid, or have had a very rainy stretch, obviously, you will not need to add more water to your lawn, or you risk killing it. On the other hand, during particularly dry seasons, your lawn will need your added support to stay healthy and green.

The quality of soil

Another consideration in terms of the water requirements and cost of turning a lawn into a lush green environment is how well composed your soil is. If you are trying to keep a lawn alive in less than perfect soil, it may need more water to keep it alive and green. On the other hand, if you have a high-quality soil that is full of nutrients, has a good level of mulching and grass coverage. You will not need to water nearly as much as it will better retain the water that is provided to it. Some types of soils such as clay will pool and block water from draining into the soil. Hard compacted areas will result in pooled water, and a lower amount of water causing your grass to drown.too much water

The Variety of grass you are using

How much water is too much water is also determined by the type of grass you are growing. Certain types of grass are more drought tolerant than others and will require less water to survive. These types of grasses can easily drown if given too much water.


It is also important to consider how well the area drains. If the water tends to pool in certain areas, those areas may end up drowning, even if provided with less water than other areas of the lawn. Finding ways to ensure that water drains evenly across the lawn will lessen the chances that your grass or parts of your grass may drown.

Sun and heat exposure

The level of sun that your lawn gets will also determine how much water is too much water. Grasses in areas that get lots of sunlight will require more water to stay hydrated and growing properly. If the grass, on the other hand, is partially shaded or fully shaded, the same amount of water can be too much for it.

The amount of water your lawn needs, and the cost of turning a lawn into a lush oasis depends on many different factors. If you need more help in determining how much water is too much water, our team at River’s Edge Turf can help you determine what your optimum watering needs are, and how to best care for your lawn. Visit our store today!


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