How Often Should I Fertilise My Lawn?

How Often Should I Fertilise My Lawn?

A green lawn doesn’t just look good,  it’s a key component in having great curb appeal. Knowing how to take care of it and look after it ensures its longevity and overall health. One of the most important aspects of lawn care is ensuring that your lawn gets all the nutrients and water it needs on schedule. This means knowing when is the best time to apply lawn fertiliser. To ensure that it is done properly and at the perfect time so that you have a happy healthy lawn to enjoy,

Here are a few tips:

  • Apply the first dose of lawn fertiliser in early spring when the temperatures are above 10 -15 degrees. If it is laid before this time the fertiliser will not be as effective to give your lawn the kick-start that it needs.
  • Use a slow release fertiliser. This allows your grass to continue to get the nutrients it needs throughout the growing season.
  • Once you’ve applied the first coating, follow up every 6-8 weeks with additional fertiliser.
  • Finish off the year with the last fertilisation being just after the first frost. Just because the weather is getting colder, doesn’t mean that the grass isn’t still growing. This is one of the most important times to ensure a healthy green lawn when the next Spring comes around.
  • Make sure that the fertiliser you are using is meant for lawns. Fertilisers come in many shapes and forms for different plants. They are specifically designed for the plants they specify. You can burn or destroy your lawn by using the wrong fertiliser on it.

Of course, to have an optimal lawn, you also need to take into consideration things other than just lawn fertiliser.

Trim your lawn regularly

Make sure that you are trimming it on a regular basis, so that it continues to grow. Typically, this means mowing it every 1-2 weeks. You don’t want to cut it too short as it will stunt the growth and having it mowed when it is already too long can cause just as much damage.

Give it the water it needs

You also need to ensure that you are watering your lawn on a schedule. Water can be a vital component in lawn care, especially during hot summer months when the grass needs that much more moisture to survive. In terms of watering, it is more important to water deeply, less frequently than to water it every day for a few minutes. The deeper, longer watering times ensures that the roots take well, and grow deeply giving the grass stronger roots, and the ability to tap into moisture further in the soil.

Call the experts

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