How Often Should I Mow my Lawn?

How Often Should I Mow my Lawn?

A beautiful lawn is something that many people want and strive for. A beautiful, lush green lawn is not only nice to look at, but can add curb appeal, as well as value to your home. One of the first things people notice when they arrive at your home is your garden. Having the perfect, well-cared for lawn is a key part of this.

When caring for your lawn, whether it is one of the buffalo turf varieties, or any other type of grass, one of the common questions is- How often should I mow my lawn?

The common agreement is about once a week, but there are many things that come into consideration with that time guideline and whether once a week is optimal for your lawn.

  1. How quickly your lawn grows

Different varieties of grass grow at different speeds. This will also change dependant on your climate where you live. Colder climates do better with native grasses which will grow quickly in that climate, whereas others will do better with something like the buffalo turf varieties.

  1. Moisture levels

How much rain and water your grass gets can change how quickly it grows and how frequently it needs to be mowed. Too much water can be detrimental and cause the grass to die off from being water-logged, where on the alternative side, drought-like conditions or a lack of water will also cause it to slow down in growth and potentially die.

  1. How short you cut your grass

Cutting your grass too short can, of course, cause damage and make it so that your grass dies off to some degree, whereas leaving it too long can also cause issues. Although the amount to cut can vary by time of year and grass type, it is generally agreed that 2.5 inches or so is the target height.

  1. The health of your lawn

Depending on the health of your lawn, you may have to cut more or less frequently. If your lawn is dying off or going yellow from lack of mulching and maintenance, you may need to cut more often (as long as it is long enough to do so), or you may need to work on fertilizing and mulching till it is healthy enough to trim on a regular basis. There can be a balancing act until your lawn has reached a healthy state and is able to be cared for on a regular, routine schedule.

As you can see there are quite a few variables that come into play when trying to decide the optimal amount of time between mows, but in general, it comes down to about once a week during the warmer months of the year. If you still need assistance in determining what schedule would be best for mowing your lawn or are looking for more tips, tricks and information on lawn care and even the perfect type of grass for your lawn give our team at Rivers Edge Turf a call at 02 4579 9009 or visit us in Wilberforce.


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