Can I Over-Water My New Grass?

Can I Over-Water My New Grass?

You went ahead and got a new lawn installed. It’s lush, green and perfect. Couldn’t be happier with how it adds to your home. Now comes your side of things. Lawn and turf maintenance. There is no point in putting in a new lawn if it is just going to die, now is there? You don’t want to just waste that investment. No, of course not. You want to continue to help it grow and be a successful installation. How exactly do you do that, and are there ways to prevent damage to the new lawn?

In terms of maintenance, of course, the first thing that comes to mind is mowing. Every great looking lawn is well taken care of and maintained. Mowing though is only part of lawn and turf maintenance. There is also watering.

Watering can be a double-edged sword. Not enough and your lawn will die, too much, and your lawn will die. There needs to be a balanced, healthy amount of water to ensure you’re successful in having your lawn take root and be the lush, green lawn you are wanting.

How much do you need to water?

The first water should be within a few hours of having your lawn installed, and should be 2-3cm. The soil that your turf is in needs to be well watered to ensure the roots have enough moisture to root into the soil beneath the sod. Pulling up the edge of a section you should see moisture most of the way through. If not, you need to water it some more. Remember, what you do now is vital to establishing your lawn, and how well it will be for the first few years after installation.

If you cannot water it daily, remember that it is more important to have long, infrequent watering than short frequent waters. This allows the moisture to reach far enough through the lawn and into the soil beneath to ensure that it takes well, and establishes a good root base.

Ensuring that all areas are being well watered will also make sure that your lawn and turf maintenance is doing the best job it can for your new grass. You don’t want some areas becoming water-logged while other areas are not getting enough water. A good way to do this is with a sprinkler system. Hand watering may seem like a good idea, but you cannot ensure even distribution of water like you can with a sprinkler, whether it is an in-ground or above ground system.

Starting with healthy, happy turf is key to ensuring a successful lawn. If you are looking to have a new lawn installed, or are in need of assistance in how to care for and maintain your lawn our team and Rivers Edge Turf would be happy to help you with any questions or concerns you have. Getting a new lawn doesn’t have to be difficult. Stop by our Wilberforce location today, or call our team at 02 4579 9009 to get the lawn of your dreams.


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