Planting Trees In Your Garden Can Save You Hundreds On Your Electricity Bills – Here’s How!

Planting Trees In Your Garden Can Save You Hundreds On Your Electricity Bills – Here’s How!

We all know the benefits of planting a tree can have on our planet.

Have you ever considered the benefit it may have on you personally?

How about your bank account?

Planting trees in your garden can have a remarkable effect on the energy bills we get every few months.

Here’s how:

Summer, winter and in-between there are a few different ways bushes and trees can be of great benefit to those energy bills. And the bonus… you’ll be contributing to saving the planet as well.

Trees help to modify local climate by lowering air temperature, increasing humidity, influencing wind speeds and reducing glare.

Glare can be created by hard surfaces around our homes but also occurs on dry grass areas. The evaporation from a single large tree can produce the cooling effect of 10 room-sized air conditioners operating 24 hours a day. Trees also help with energy costs in the winter by blocking cold winds making it easier to warm your home.

Benefits of Planting Trees

How you decide to plant your trees will depend on your particular situation. The climate you live in, the particular latitude on the earth’s surface and the situation of your house on your block of land all have bearing on what you should do to effect change.

Our top 4 Tips:

  1. Strategically place trees around your home. At least three large trees placed in the right spot can reduce your air-conditioning costs by as much as 30%.
  2. Shade as many hard surfaces around your home as possible. Driveways, patios and sidewalks all contribute to glare production. Shading your grassed areas will also help with this.
  3. Plant deciduous trees in the suns path for summer and in the winter they will shed their leaves to allow the sun access for heating.
  4. Use evergreens for intercepting and slowing winter winds paths OR directing summer breezes into the house.

Saving Money by Planting Trees

Contact your local garden centre or lawn supplier

The best advice you can find for deciding what kind of trees/bushes you should consider planting in your garden could be found at your local garden centre or lawn supplier. They should know what kind of trees you should be looking at in your local area. Trees that won’t affect plumbing or foundations if planted close to your home. Shrubs that will thicken nicely to provide the windbreak you’re looking for. Overall the kinds of plants that will grow nicely in your climate and thrive to provide the savings when it comes to your electricity bills and also helps to save our planet.

If you’re wanting to green up your home but you’re not sure where to start why not contact your local garden specialists. Contact the team at Rivers Edge Turf and one of our friendly staff would be happy to walk you through the process.

We love helping people our customers create eco-friendly gardens to complement their beautiful green lawns.


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