Why Removing Debris to Make Room for Your New Lawn Is a Step You Don’t Want to Forget!

Why Removing Debris to Make Room for Your New Lawn Is a Step You Don’t Want to Forget!

It’s the time of year when a fresh, green, thriving lawn is simply the best thing ever. The neighbour’s lawn looks absolutely smashing and your only thought is, “How can I get me one of those?”  

Well, without going into how much actual work is most likely going into maintaining that spectacular lawn, we can help you get prepared for a fresh, new lawn especially if you’re thinking about investing in new turf.  

There are quite a number of steps to preparing for your new lawn and removing debris is one you really don’t want to forget! Let’s learn a bit more about what you may need to do…  



Choose the right variety of grass for your needs

If you’ve done some research and you’re still not certain you’re on the right track just give us a call! We know all there is to know about turf and we’ll help you find exactly what you need. 

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Plan your timeframe

You want to be completely ready for laying turf the day it arrives. The longer it sits on the pallet, the more chance it has of drying out and if left long enough it can even die.  

Spraying lawn with insecticide
Mowing lawn
Raking Lawn

Prep the area

  1. Kill any existing grasses and weeds. This can be done by spraying with a glyphosate product such as Round Up. If you can, follow up with a second spray the following week to make sure nothing is growing.  
  1. When everything is dead put your mower on the lowest setting and scalp the dead organic material back.  
  1. This is where the detail comes in. Raking out all organic material and removing any rocks, sticks or other debris is incredibly important. If anything gets left behind it can determine the success of your lawn down the track. You may not see anything in the beginning but when your lawn is put under stress (droughts for example) you will begin to see the problem on the surface of your lawn.  
  1. Check your soil for compaction. This is when the soil becomes so solid there is no longer air or water penetrating. For a large space, hiring a rotary hoe could be your best bet.  
  1. Spread turf underlay. Find out the very best underlay from the experts! 

Now you’re ready for your turf to be laid and you’ve given your new lawn every opportunity to be the best in the street for years to come. 

Don’t forget, debris = dirty patches… Get rid of all that buried stuff – it will no longer be out of sight, out of mind! 

Call us at Rivers Edge for all the information you need plus some great options for what will be the best lawn you’ve ever had! 


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