Tips For Laying New Turf – we ask the experts!

Tips For Laying New Turf – we ask the experts!

Calling all lawn lovers: the perfect lawn is no longer impossible to achieve!  In fact, with these hints and tips from the experts, your immaculate turf is only a few steps away!

To grow a beautiful lawn, you must:

  • prepare the soil well
  • install a quality turf
  • water well
  • practice good lawn maintenance habits

Step 1: Prepare

Preparing the soil for your new turf might seem tedious, but it’ll be worth every minute of effort because you’ll be the one that enjoys the rewards!  Tedious, back-breaking, boring… we understand it’s not the most exciting part of the project, but soil preparation is oh-so-important to the quality of the finished project.

Take the time to remove any existing debris such as weeds, rocks and tree stumps from the site.  If you need to spray weeds using a chemical product, this should be done several weeks before you plan to lay your new turf.  Test the pH of your soil and make any necessary corrections – most grass varieties used for domestic lawns prefer a soil pH of 6.5 – 7.

Turn over your soil using a spade or rotary hoe (depending on the size of the area) and add any necessary extras such as lime (for acidic soil) or gypsum (for soils with high clay content).  You may also wish to add a topdressing of organic matter to enhance the quality and structure of your soil. Use your rake to achieve a smooth, level surface.

Laying New Turf

Step 2: Laying Your Turf

It’s important to choose a turf variety that suits your climate and will live up to your expectations. Do your research properly – there are plenty of varieties out there to choose from, and the team at Rivers Edge Turf can help you find the right one to suit your needs!

Your grass will be supplied either as slabs or rolls, and it must be laid as soon as it arrives.  Follow the supplier’s installation instructions to a tee – again, you’ll only get out what you put in, so be prepared to go the extra mile now and enjoy the benefits in the coming months!

Step 3: Water

Turf is a perishable product and it is important that it doesn’t dry out, especially during the first few weeks while it’s getting established.  As a rule of thumb, it is wise to water your new turf every day for the first month – 6 weeks, however your supplier will be able to give you more specific instructions for your variety of turf.

Step 4: Protect

Resist the temptation to walk on your new lawn for the first 4 weeks.  Remember, although it may look beautifully green and lush on the surface, the new root system will take time to get established.  Ensure that visitors and pets stick to the paths too – there’ll be plenty of opportunity for them to enjoy your lawn ‘down the track’ so to speak!

At Rivers Edge Turf we love beautiful lawns.  And we love helping our customers achieve and maintain the lawn of their dreams.  Call us today on (02) 4579 9009 and let’s get your project started!


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