Winter Maintenance Tips for a Great Summer Lawn!

Winter Maintenance Tips for a Great Summer Lawn!

When the long days of summer are fading the last thing you may be thinking about is caring for your lawn. Of course, this is one of the most important times to think about your lawn care. Especially if you want a happy, healthy lawn come springtime and aren’t thinking about re-turfing your lawn the following year.

Putting your lawn to bed for the winter does require a little bit of effort and planning on your behalf. Knowing when the first snow or frost falls, or when the weather gets cold for your area. Will help you in ensuring your lawn is winter ready.


Before the frosts take over you need to fertilise one last time. This gives your lawn back some of the important nutrients that are lost over the summer growing season. It also helps to ensure your soil is in the best health possible once warmer days arrive.

Trim it down short for the winter.

This will help prevent it from being damaged by animals seeking shelter from the cold weather. You don’t want to deal with dead patches in the spring months brought on by nesting creatures. That said, once the first frost has passed, stop mowing. Freshly mowed grass is more susceptible to disease and dies off. You don’t want to encourage this in your lawn.


Make sure you do one last aeration. Having the lawn well aerated will ensure come spring that the soil is minimally compacted. This means that the new roots and grasses are able to get the oxygen they need to grow healthy grass.

Weed, weed, weed.

If you have warmer days it is still important to weed your grass. Weeds can live in much worse weather and environments than your lawn can. If your lawn is dormant for the season, the weeds can take hold and kill it off before it has a chance to recover the following spring.

Stay off the grass.

Yes, it’s winter and it’s covered by snow or frost. But the constant traffic across the vulnerable grass can create dead patches and paths that will need repair or even re-turfing of the lawn.

Along with staying off the grass, another important tip is to keep items off it as well. Having your chairs or bulky kids play equipment sit out there all winter isn’t good for them, but it also isn’t good for the lawn. Like the weight of walking over areas repeatedly can damage the lawn, if you have items in one place through the winter season it can kill off the good grassroots beneath them and allow invasive grasses or weeds to take their place. A good plan of attack is ensuring that all items are put away for winter and periodically during the winter doing a sweep of the lawn to ensure nothing has been left behind.

Looking after your lawn doesn’t have to be a major task, but with a little bit of foresight and care, you can ensure that you have the healthiest lawn possible when it becomes warm enough to enjoy again. If you are unsure how best to winter your lawn or forgot to and need to consider re-turfing your lawn, look no further than Rivers Edge Turf. We are your one-stop experts for everything to do with lawns and turf in Sydney and the surrounding areas.


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