Nara Grass

Naranara-turfNara Grass

Australia's Homegrown Turf

Nara grass is a native Australian turf  bred in Australia from Zoysia Macrantha – a native grass found generally in the eastern-half of Australia, from Northern Queensland to Tasmania, and inland as far as Central Australia.

Nara native turf is low maintenance with fertilising required only once or twice a year. Even with minimal mowing, it is less invasive than other lawn varieties. It is highly drought tolerant and is more salt tolerant than couch and buffalo. Although Nara turf can lay dormant in extremely hot and dry conditions, it will reinvigorate when conditions change.

Of course, if it is watered, fertilised and mowed regularly, Nara will look lush and green. Overall, it is a very low care turf and is an ideal choice if you don't have time to invest in lawn maintenance.

Diseases and Pest Control

Nara has excellent pest and disease resistance. It is particularly resistant to native bugs and insects, and while some introduced species will feed on the grass tips, it recovers very quickly. Pesticides can be applied to control lawn grub and black beetle but it is important to follow the manufacturers instructions.

Drought & Salt Tolerance

If you reside in a coastal region of Australia –  in a high-salt environment – Nara native turf is your perfect choice. Although it thrives when watered with fresh water, it is well-suited to coastal and waterfront conditions because of its high salt-tolerance. Nara turf is also extremely drought tolerant because of its fast-growing, robust and deep-growing rhizomes. As Nara turf has been developed from the native Zoysia Macrantha, it is naturally able to withstand Australia's  harsh and dry conditions.

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Just like Zoysia turf varieties from overseas (e.g. Zoysia Japonica), you can adopt a low fertilising regime for Nara native grass. A Nara lawn requires fertilisation only once-a-year. However, additional fertilising (e.g. two or three times a year) will enhance its colour and growth. Nara native grass is a perfect choice for the homeowner looking for a low-maintenance lawn.


Nara lawns can be mown to any height, although it is recommended that is not be cut too short – particularly during periods of environmental stress (e.g. drought). It requires less mowing than other varieties (e.g. Buffalo, Couch and Kikuyu) and is less prone to scalping than Couch. It is a wonderful choice for busy families, and those who prefer to keep their weekends for rest and relaxation.

Weed Control

Due to its dense growth habit, Nara turf is a strong competitor against weeds and other grasses. If you wish to treat weeds with a chemical spray, you can use any herbicide suitable for Couch grass.

Nara is a high-performing, low-maintenance and versatile turf suited to the homeowner that is looking for the benefits of a lush, green lawn – but without the work!

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