Instant Grass And The Benefits of Turf Over Grass Seed?

Instant Grass And The Benefits of Turf Over Grass Seed?

Instant Grass These days grass has taken on an iconic significance in the modern culture. From the clichés of neighbourhood lawn care competition to the idyllic picturesqueness of a park field, grass has always been a much bigger part of our lives than many people realize. Having so much significance, many people are looking for the best options for turning an area into a grassy paradise, whether for private or public land. While there are many choices in the varieties of grass, one of the most significant questions anyone in this situation will ask themselves is whether they should sow the ground with seed, or lay turf. To answer this question let’s take a look at some of the main differences between turf and grass seed.


Grass is, like any plant, fairly slow growing, and it can take seed weeks or even months to fully mature, meaning you will have to live with a partially grassed area while giving the seed time to germinate. Turf has none of these of problems, and once the ground has been prepared and the turf laid, the work is mostly done, making any area a near instant grassy field that can be walked on within about a week. While some may not be bothered by having to wait for the grass to grow, anyone with time constraints would do well to consider turf as an option.


This is perhaps the only area where seed has an advantage over turf, as sowing grass seed is generally the cheaper option. While turf provides numerous other benefits, those who are on a budget might consider using seed. Despite being more expensive, turf tends to make up for it in the speed and efficiency with which it can be laid down and made to look good without much or any additional work.

Look and Maintenance

While it is certainly possible to take the time and energy to make a sown grass field into the thick, luscious grass that most people desire, turf can be much easier in this regard, as it comes already fully grown, and looks good right away. While it will still take trimming and watering to keep a turf lawn looking its best, there is no initial period of having a dirt lot while you wait for the seed to grow, and there is no need to worry about the grass spreading to areas where you didn’t want it, or growing too thick, or too sparse, in certain areas.

Clearly, turf has numerous benefits, most of which are in regards to the amount of time it takes for the grass to be functional, turf being near instant grass by comparison, while the main benefit of seed is the price. Anyone looking to turn a dirt lot into a beautiful and comfortable grass field or lawn should consider the above elements, and make a decision from there.


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