What’s the Best Type of Grass for Drought Affected Areas?

What’s the Best Type of Grass for Drought Affected Areas?

Picking a grass that suits your climate is an important factor. With many areas of Australia being affected by drought and other weather issues, it is important to find a grass that will grow in drought-affected areas. You don’t want to plant native Australian grasses that require lots of water and moisture to grow. The last thing you want is your hard-earned money being poured down the drain in terms of water consumption, just to keep your grass green. Instead, picking a grass variety that works best for your environment is a better choice.

Which grasses are best suited for drier, drought-affected areas?

There are 3 top varieties to consider when choosing a drought-resistant grass.

Couch Grass

This variety is a great option for drought-affected areas. Grown by use of underground runners so it is more likely to recover should the surface grass die off due to times with limited water availability. It is extremely hardy and can stay green and healthy even when receiving limited amounts of water. Couch grass is also a great option for homeowners looking for a cost-effective grass that grows well and spreads effectively covering as much area as possible. It should be noted that this also can be a negative for those who are worried about their grass spreading to garden areas or pathways. This particular variety can be obnoxious if not tended to properly.

Zoysia Grass

Another great choice when planting in drier regions is Zoysia. Like Couch grasses, it will maintain its green colour longer under less than perfect weather conditions. It can tolerate long periods without water and with the intense heat of summer. It is one of the best drought-resistant choices for home lawns.

Zoysia grasses also have underground runners which will assist in it coming back should it experience a die off. It is also a great grass to choose when looking for native Australian grasses that are lower maintenance and don’t require a lot of upkeep. This can be an added bonus for those that have limited time to maintain the lawn (or those who prefer not to be in the extreme summer heat caring for their lawn.)

Buffalo Grass

Another well-known variety and commonly used grass in Australia is buffalo grass. Buffalo grass comes in many different varieties and types which can make it an excellent choice, given you can find one that will work in all of Australia’s climates. It is a good choice for those in drought-affected regions as well as those who have more shaded lawns. It is also easy to maintain, having low requirements for mowing and upkeep.

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