Why You Should Keep Off Your Lawn During A Frost
There’s something magical and almost romantic about walking through frost-covered grass.  The kiss of the cold on your cheek, the crunch of the lawn underfoot… it’s kind of like a child’s storybook come true!  But all fantasy aside, walking on your frosty lawn is a big mistake. What causes frost? Many of the southern states of Australia experience frost during the cooler months.  Frost occurs when the temperature of outside surfaces drops below the dew point.  The dew point is simply the point at which the air gets cold enough for airborne water vapour to condense into a liquid.  Frost[...]
How To Take Care Of The Lawn Surrounding Your Pool Area
Organic living; getting back to our roots; enjoying mother nature at her best… these are all phrases we hear and read about every day.  As our society continues to evolve and our lives become more technology-driven and complicated, we find in ourselves the longing to spend time alone with nature.  Whether it’s a glass of wine enjoyed sitting on the lawn at the end of a busy day, a few minutes playing with the children in the yard or a swim in the outdoor pool, many Australians are proving the psychological and physical benefits of their own gardens. For many[...]

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