Turf Care

At Rivers Edge we don’t just grow and supply great turf for your lawn, we also offer the following Sydney turf services and after-sales support:

  • Ground Preparation
  • Turf Installation
  • Irrigation Installation
  • Lawn Care and Maintenance

If you would like to save money and install your own turf, we can offer comprehensive advice on DIY turf installation. We can also give you thorough direction on how to maintain your lawn. For lots of great information, please view our lawn care advice and FAQs, or read our blog!

Please contact us today for a quote to supply and install your lawn, and to develop a great irrigation system!

Ground Preparation

Turf will grow better when the ground is well-prepared. At Rivers Edge Turf we don't expect that every customer will know how to prepare the soil before installing turf. To take away any stress, we can prepare your soil to make it ready for installation. Soil preparation is an important step that ensures your turf has the best possible opportunity to develop into a healthy and robust lawn.

Turf Installation

If you have a large area to turf, you have a busy lifestyle or you are not in a position to lay your own turf, our team can do the hard work for you! Our team will lay your turf with professionalism and efficiency. We are dedicated to providing Sydney property owners with beautiful and healthy lawns and we will bring our expertise, experience and knowledge to your landscaping project.

installing turf

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation is the artificial application of water to the land or soil usually in the form of a manual or automated sprinkler system. To ensure that you have a healthy and appealing green lawn, our specialist turf suppliers can install your irrigation system for you!

Lawn Care and Maintenance

Once your lawn is installed, we’re on hand to give advice on how to keep your “Little Piece of Oz” looking green and healthy. We will advise you on how to tackle weeds and pests, when to mow, water and fertilise. We offer a weed-spraying service to all our lawn customers.

For more information on our Sydney grass supplies and services, please contact us today!

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