How Long Does Turf Take to Bed In? Rivers Edge Turf

How Long Does Turf Take to Bed In? Rivers Edge Turf

Having a beautiful, lush, green lawn is a dream for many homeowners. Sometimes though it requires starting from new and creating that lawn from scratch. Although the cost of laying turf can seem pricey to begin with if done correctly though it is a one-time cost. Growing sod may be more-costly than starting from seed but can save time. It also ensures that your lawn is ready when you want it. It is important to know then how to best care for your newly laid turf, and how long it will take for the turf to properly bed in and grow roots.


Watering your lawn deeply and regularly is key. The better you water your lawn in the early days, the longer and healthier the roots will be. The longer the roots, the more firmly attached it will be to the soil. And the healthier it will be overall. After 2 weeks or so the roots may be established, but they will still be quite shallow and will need another 4 weeks or so to be deeply rooted and established.


Lawn food is another vital component to making sure your turf beds in well. The resulting lawn will be green and lush. Using a slow release nitrogen lawn fertiliser will give the turf the boost it needs to grow root’s as well as giving the lawn a quick growth burst.

Laying your lawn

Making sure it is properly laid is crucial. Using a lawn roller immediately after installation can press the turf into the soil and help it root with the above tips.

cost of laying turfStay off the Grass

Another tip is to stay off the lawn for a few weeks after it is laid. You don’t want to be damaging the sod before it even has a chance to root and establish itself. Not leaving anything heavy on it is also vital. You don’t want to create dead spots in your brand new turf. Often setting up a perimeter around your new lawn will help others from walking on it too. This is easily done with some perimeter tape and garden posts.

Additional factors

Other than the water, fertiliser and using a lawn roller, a big component of how quickly it will bed will also depend on external factors outside our control. Such as the amount of sunlight and the temperature the day of installation as well as the days that follow. Too much rain and not enough sun can make it take longer. As well as the temperatures being too hot. The type of grass you choose to install will also vary the length of time needed for the turf to bed in, some varieties of lawn take longer to put their roots down.

When you have decided to get turf installed, or if you have questions about the cost of laying turf, our team at Rivers Edge Turf would be happy to assist you. With many years of experience and happy customers across Australia, you can rest assured you’ll have the best lawn possible.


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