Man’s Best Friend: Lawn’s Worst Enemy!

Man’s Best Friend: Lawn’s Worst Enemy!

Dogs: your lawn’s worst enemy. Is it possible to maintain a beautiful lawn without locking up your four-legged friend? If you’re struggling to know which one deserves your attention, we’ve got good news for you: you can have both.  And enjoy them both too.

There’s no denying it: your pooch gives your grass a hard time.  Especially if he/she is large. Rough and tumble, digging, urine burn… these are a few of the stresses that dogs put on your lawn. However, with a little forethought, some strategic planning and a little bit of extra effort, you can give your dog what it needs as well as giving your turf a chance!

Pet-Friendly Grass

As a dog owner, you need a lawn that self-repairs quickly, can withstand constant traffic and looks great all year round.  And… one more thing, it needs to be low-allergenic too because many dogs are sensitive to pollen!

Believe it or not, Sapphire Buffalo Turf meets all of the above criteria!  It’s robust, hard-wearing and feels great to walk on.  And not only that, it has a high tolerance of both sun and shade, low watering requirements once established and maintains great winter color.  In short, it’s a fantastic all-rounder!

Dog Rocks

When your dog urinates on the lawn, it can leave nasty, burnt spots in the grass.  This ‘burning’ occurs when concentrated impurities contained within the urine come into contact with the grass, and over an extended time, the results on your turf can be devastating.

Dog Rocks are a product which has been designed to remove tin, nitrates, and ammonia from your dog’s drinking water, and consequently, reduces the amount excreted by your pooch.


You can lessen the effects your dog’s business has on your grass by making some changes to its diet.  For example, a little-added salt encourages your dog to drink more, which in turn dilutes the chemicals when he/she urinates.  However, it’s best to consult a vet before you make changes to your dog’s diet.

Maintaining Lawns with Dogs

Play Time at the Park

Every dog needs play time.  Regular exercise is necessary for a healthy, happy pet.  But that rough and tumble can destroy your lawn.  So, why not take your dog out to the local park for a ball game? The walk there and back will do your pet (and you!) a world of good and save your grass at the same time!  If exercise must be done at home, rotate play areas or fence off sections of the yard to give different areas time to ‘rest and recover’.


Provide trees and shrubs for your dog to play under and around.  A variety of both natural and synthetic toys will help keep your dog occupied during the day and lessen the risk of damage and wanton destruction due to boredom.

Consult the Experts

The team at Rivers Edge Turf can help provide you with more expert advice about maintaining a beautiful, pet-friendly lawn.  Call us today on (02) 4579 9009 and chat with one of our staff.


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