5 tips to having the best-looking yard on the street!

5 tips to having the best-looking yard on the street!

Let’s be honest, you want your lawns to be beautiful, lush and manicured. The kind of soft, green carpet that is blissful to walk on in bare feet and looks great all summer long. The burning question is, how can you create that slice of paradise right in your own yard?

A stunning lawn isn’t impossible.  It’s not rocket science either.  It is simply a combination of excellent starter product, dedication and responsible care.  Making the choice to lay established grass from a trusted turf supplier will give you a huge advantage – the professionals know exactly what will suit your application best, and can provide expert advice and tips for ongoing lawn care.

Let’s get back to basics.  A great lawn needs a great start.  Like most things in life, effort expended at the beginning will pay off in the end.  Here are 5 great tips to help you create that lawn that is lush, green and gorgeous:

  1. Choose the right grass for you

You need to think carefully about the type of grass you should grow in your area.  Consider the climate, (i.e. rainfall, temperature etc.), how much traffic it will have and areas of shade and full sun.  Also, how much time do you have to devote to ongoing maintenance and upkeep? Consult your turf supplier to be sure that you get the best possible product for your application.

  1. Be prepared for the maintenance

You need food to keep going, and the occasional medical checkup to stay healthy.  So does your grass.  Regular applications of fertiliser will enrich the soil and help your lawn to stay healthy and vibrant.  Periodic aeration or scarifying may also greatly enhance lawn performance, while systematically removing weeds as they appear will maintain that thick, luxurious green carpet you so badly want.

  1. Water well

Knowing how much and how often to water your lawn is critical.  While your lawn needs enough water to stay healthy and beautiful, you don’t want to saturate it either.  Also, consider what time of day you water it – generally speaking, it’s best to do in the early morning before the sun gets too hot.

Consider installing an underground watering system before you lay the turf – these systems bring water straight to the roots of the grass and avoid excessive wastage through careless watering or evaporation.

  1. Mow correctlyHow To Have The Best Looking Yard

Your turf supplier can teach you the best mowing practices for your newly established lawns.  Instead of rushing out with the mower and cutting it any-old-how, take the time to learn how to prevent damage to the grass by varying the mowing patterns and keeping the blades of your mower super sharp.  A little extra care will pay off!

  1. Look long term

Remember that time is the secret!  You need to look at the big picture and remember that you might not see the benefits of this season’s hard work until next season.  Don’t give up or be disheartened!  All good things come to those who wait…

You can and you will have that perfect lawn if you want it badly enough.  A little persistence, a little dedication and a little time can transform that shabby grass area into something that will be the envy of the neighbourhood.  Don’t waste any more time dreaming of it, contact our friendly and professional staff at Rivers Edge Turf today and turn your dreams into a reality.


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