What Are The Best Types Of Fertilisers To Use On Buffalo Grass?

What Are The Best Types Of Fertilisers To Use On Buffalo Grass?

If your buffalo lawn is looking a little worse for wear? It may be time to investigate introducing a fertiliser, or reconsidering the fertiliser you’re currently using. Fertilising is a necessary, yet sometimes overlooked part of lawn care. Choosing the right type is essential when looking at how to improve buffalo lawn.

Why fertilise?

If your lawn is looking pale, is yellowing, or has started to die off despite correct watering and mowing procedures, chances are it needs fertilising. This can work wonders in improving the health and appearance of your lawn. Fertilisers are rich with minerals that are designed to improve soil quality, feeding your grass and giving it the nutrients it needs.

Buffalo Grass Fertiliser

Iron-rich buffalo fertilisers

There are several types of fertilisers to be considered when looking at how to improve buffalo lawn.

You may notice a number of expensive buffalo lawn fertilisers on the market. These are essentially a traditional lawn fertiliser. Extra iron is added to cater specifically for the health of buffalo lawns. Buying one of these is generically unnecessary, as a traditional lawn fertiliser combined with a cheap iron supplement will offer the same benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Standard vs slow release

When selecting your lawn fertiliser, there are a few varieties to be considered. The most common are standard and slow-release fertilisers.

Standard fertilisers are filled with nutrients that are watered into the soil and begin to break down immediately. Within a week, the nutrients will be completely absorbed.

When caring for buffalo grass, opt for a slow-release fertiliser rather than a standard fertiliser. Instead of releasing all the nutrients at once, slow-release fertilisers are designed to gradually break down. They release these nutrients over a time span of around 2-3 months. This means they need to be applied less often than a standard fertiliser and are generally more effective.

Best Types of Buffalo Lawn Fertiliser

Buy local

There are many brands of fertiliser available across Australia that are specific to each region. This is because fertiliser is relatively inexpensive and easy to make. As it is sold in large quantities, shipping the product across large distances ends up being the less economical choice for the manufacturers.

You’re likely to have a local supplier that will be able to provide the best fertiliser for your lawn. Manufacturers do thorough testing on local soil which indicates which nutrients are most needed. When you buy locally, you can be confident knowing that the fertiliser has been catered specifically for the soil within your area.

When investigating how to improve buffalo lawn, fertilising is key. Ensure you’re purchasing a fertiliser that contains the nutrients needed for the soil in your area, and add in an iron supplement.

If you need more advice on the best fertilisers for your buffalo grass, don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can reach us via email at sales@returf.com.au or over the phone on 02 4579 9009.


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