Installing Turf And The Ecological Impact of Grass | Rivers Edge Turf

Installing Turf And The Ecological Impact of Grass | Rivers Edge Turf

Everything we do for our homes and gardens has a role to play in the greater scheme of the earth as a whole. The gardens we keep and the lawns we have around our homes can have a much larger impact than we might think. Installing turf can have some downfalls, but the overall effect on the environment from laying grass is mostly positive.


Here are just a few of the Benefits

  • Having grass stops the loss of topsoil and erosion that is found worldwide. Planting grass prevents water and elements from removing the valuable topsoil that is vital for the well-being of the planet.
  • Installing turf can also offset your carbon footprint. Each blade of grass helps to offset the carbon produced by the many things we do, like driving vehicles and commercial farming. Grass has been shown to improve air quality of the surrounding areas by taking in CO2 and expelling oxygen, just like any other plant. This can improve the air quality overall in a neighbourhood when many of the residents have turfed installed! An average sized healthy lawn can absorb around 300 pounds of carbon yearly. It can also produce enough oxygen for a family of 4 for the same period of time.
  • A nice dense lawn also helps with storm-water control and reducing pollutants. Instead of rainwater hitting concrete, pooling and causing flooding, a healthy lawn will absorb the water into its soil, and its roots and prevent the pooling of water that can cause flooding, erosion and other issues. It can also act as a barrier to pollution, and help prevent pollutants from reaching the ground water by acting as a natural filter.
  • Having a lawn can also reduce the temperature of the area around it. When compared to areas covered with asphalt and other materials, a lawn can keep the area substantially cooler. It also keeps the soil cooler and prevents hard cracking issues.
  • Like any other plant, having turf installed in your yard can improve your mood and overall sense of well-being.installing turf Having plants in our close environment helps with stress levels and have even been shown to reduce blood pressure. This can reduce the need for us to find other ways to improve our mood and well-being.

There are many other benefits to both the environment, your community and yourself for having a lush green lawn If you need more help or are looking for a company to help you install turf for your home contact our team at Rivers Edge Turf and let us create the lush green lawn you’re dreaming of.


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