5 Reasons Why Laying Turf Is Great For The Environment

5 Reasons Why Laying Turf Is Great For The Environment

It’s more than just green to look at.  Natural; clean; aesthetically appealing; environmentally friendly.  Choosing to lay turf is a responsible decision that doesn’t stop at the curb-side charm of your home.  It contributes positively to the world around us and helps to create a cleaner, greener place to live and raise our families.  Grass is the unspoken hero of our urban environments: the champion underfoot!

So, let’s get down to earth and look at a few reasons that turf is so good for the environment!

Many of us live in suburban areas where concrete, bitumen, and steel seem to take first place in the landscape. Smoke, smog, and dust are our constant companions.  City traffic, city lights, city noise, city pace…

Thankfully, many Australians are realising the need for providing a cleaner, greener place for themselves and their children.  And they’re actively doing something about it.  By making responsible decisions and right choices for the environment around their own homes, they are helping to change the big picture.

Natural Air Filter

Grass acts as a natural air and water purifier.  It absorbs harmful chemicals such as carbon dioxide and converts it into a stable form that eventually becomes organic matter.   Turf also helps to cleanse the air from dust, dirt and other airborne impurities, and dew transports this matter to the soil zone where it is broken down and absorbed.

Removing nasties from the air isn’t all your grass does.  It also releases life-supporting oxygen into the air!

Benefits of Turf to Environment

Water Purifier

Turf has a complex and dense root system that purifies water as it passes through it.  It helps remove acidity from heavily polluted rainwater and returns cleaner, healthier groundwater into our lakes and waterways.  A healthy grass root system also helps to prevent erosion in areas prone to heavy rains or high winds.

Natural Sound Barrier

Grass – the natural sound barrier that’s nice to look at!  Turf acts like an insulation panel, absorbing and deflecting noise from traffic, animals, and people.  It also helps with reducing glare and light reflection.

Nature’s Recreation Surface

What better place for your little people to play than outside on the grass?  Turf provides a natural, healthy and beautiful recreation surface that is a vital sensory experience for children.  The choice of grasses on today’s market is huge and includes low allergy varieties that are particularly suited to children.

Benefits of Laying Turf to Environment

Natural Cooler

We spend a lot of money every year on cooling our homes.  Did you know that planting turf could make a huge difference to the temperature of your home?  Turf doesn’t hold and radiate heat like asphalt and concrete do: in fact, it naturally cools the surrounding environment, providing a free air-conditioning service!

The team at Rivers Edge Turf care about the environment.  And we care about helping you to create and maintain a lawn that’s as healthy as it is beautiful.  Call us today on 02 4579 9009 and discuss your new turf with one of our staff.


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