How To REALLY Love Your Lawn- 4 Things You Should Do Every Week

How To REALLY Love Your Lawn- 4 Things You Should Do Every Week

There are so many reasons to love your lawn. Lawns really do give back to the whole family. They help to create memories – either good or not so good (prickles anyone?). So if you’re going to have the opportunity to love your lawn in the coming warmer months you’ll need to LOVE your lawn.

Here we have four things you should do every single week to really love your lawn. Give yourself that instant grass feeling when you walk out your back door.

Tip 1:

Trim The Top


Mowing should happen at least once a week. When you mow make sure you know what your type of lawn actually needs!

Different turf has different height requirements but cutting your lawn too short will cause trauma to the turf. You could end up with a dying lawn.

The reason we say mow at least once a week? If you leave your lawn to grow too long another group of issues can arise. If you mow only monthly or even fortnightly you can cause trauma to the turf creating a lawn with shock. You didn’t think that was possible, did you? Turf can go into shock just as humans do. Mowing weekly brings the possibility of shock way down and keeps your lawn looking healthy and lush just like instant grass.

Tip 2:

Recycle Grass Clippings


You know that your grass needs Nitrogen right? Well leaving those short grass clippings (the ones you’re achieving by only trimming the top?) in your lawn actually helps to nourish the soil. It can provide 15 – 20% of your lawn’s yearly nitrogen requirements.

This will only work of course if you’ve been maintaining your lawn properly, mowing weekly so that the lawn is at the proper height. Leaving larger amounts of clippings on your lawn or not waiting until your lawn is dry can have the opposite effect. It can cause mats of dead grass on your lawn. This can stop airflow to the healthy lawn beneath and you’ve got a new problem. Grass that is suffocating cannot grow so don’t Grasscycle until you have started a solid maintenance schedule.

Instant grass


Tip 3: 



Contrary to what many people believe watering should only be done once a week. This is true especially in times of drought and water restrictions.

Deep watering once a week will be sufficient and causes root structures to get stronger. Allowing your lawn to dry completely between watering causes the roots to get sturdier. They’ll be searching for water and growing more readily than if you water lightly multiple times a week.

Here’s a little tip. Put a tuna can on the lawn and turn the sprinkler(s) on. When the can is full you’ll know it’s time to stop watering.

It is very important NOT to overwater.  It is possible to drown grass so don’t forget to turn off the tap!

Instant Grass

Tip 4: 


Ok, getting out and doing the weeding is not everyone’s favourite job. But if you stay on top of the weeds your lawn will love you back!

If you already have a weed problem get advice from experts as you need to make sure the use of herbicides will be beneficial for your particular turf. Once you have the matter under control it’s simply a matter of pulling those weeds as soon as they appear. Do that and your lawn will be looking like instant grass in no time.

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