Turf Supplies

Turf Supplies

There is nothing better than looking out the window and seeing a sea of fresh green grass. For many home and business owners, the hardest decision is not whether to lay turf – it is what type of turf to lay.  When choosing a turf, it is important to consider the climate that you live in, the conditions that the lawn will be exposed to and the space that you want to turf. To help you make an informed choice, turf supplier will provide you with the appropriate information.

Wherever you are located, ideally you want a lawn that is going to withstand the harsh Australian elements. In Australia, homeowners look for turf varieties that are drought tolerant – turf that is able to survive and remain green while under heavy water restrictions, or perhaps no water at all during the summer.

It is equally as important to consider the lawn’s ability to recover once the drought has broken! That is why we recommended Couch, Kikuyu, Buffalo and Nara grass – the native Australian Zoysia; they tolerate dry conditions and repair quickly once water supplies have increased.

Sydney’s climate can be tough, particularly in the western suburbs, and the outer Hawkesbury and Nepean regions. Turf Supplies are in high demand as families and businesses move to these outer Sydney suburbs and at Rivers Edge Turf we are dedicated to providing appropriate information to assist properties owners in choosing the right turf. We have a huge selection of turf varieties available to suit all locations and conditions.

A locally owned and operated business, we are one of the leading providers of turf supplies in the Hawkesbury and Windsor area. We not only supply high-quality turf rolls, but we also offer lawn care products, fertilizers and local maintenance services. We also pride ourselves on keeping prices low in a competitive market.

What to consider when buying turf

When choosing a turf variety, it is important to consider the features of the area you are turfing.

  • What will be the function of the area?
  • How shaded is the area across all seasons?
  • Is it a flat or sloping area?
  • How much rainfall will the area receive?
  • Will you be turfing in a coastal, high-salt area?
  • Is the area prone to frost or extreme levels of cold?
  • How much time do you have to spend on lawn maintenance?

The aim is to choose a grass that will thrive with a minimum amount of upkeep.

In cities and in new suburbs, yards are becoming smaller and there are important factors to consider in these situations. A small yard is often overshadowed by surrounding houses, neighbours’ fences, or perhaps tall shrubs and trees planted to provide privacy. If your yard is partially shaded, Buffalo grass is a great choice as it is highly shade-tolerant.

It is also worth considering how much time you want to spend maintaining your lawn. Australian families have busy lifestyles and low-care lawns are perfect for homeowners that do not want to spend their Saturdays mowing and watering. Soft-leaf Buffalo grasses are a great choice for the busy homeowners and if you live in a warm climate, the native Zoysia – Nara grass – is perfect as it is drought-tolerant and requires less mowing than other varieties.

What are the most common types of turf?

Kikuyu is a super hard-wearing grass with the ability to withstand heavy wear-and-tear. It is also quick to repair after being damaged from heavy-traffic. For those who have high traffic areas, it is the perfect choice. It is great for yards that need to withstand large and very active dogs – or sports-loving kids! Kikuyu is soft with a medium leaf, and is fast-growing. If it is watered well, it does require a little more mowing than some other lawn types.

Couch is another extremely tough grass that can handle heavy traffic because of its ability to grow and repair quickly. Couch lawns have a fine leaf with masses of underground and above-ground runners that aid in recovery and drought tolerance. It is also a visually appealing grass when maintained with regular mowing, fertilizing and a good supply of water. Couch lawn is well known for its ability to remain green for a long period of time under water restrictions. In extreme heat and drought conditions, it will recover much faster than other turf varieties once these conditions have eased.

Buffalo grass comes in a number of high-quality varieties that suit a range of needs and environments. Buffalo can tolerate both full sun and partial shade – a perfect choice for a home garden. While buffalo can tolerate both full sun and shade, it reaches its full potential in partial shade.

Nara turf – an Australian native variety of Zoysia – is low maintenance grass the requires minimal mowing and fertilising. It is highly drought tolerant and is more salt-tolerant than couch and buffalo. Although Nara turf can lay dormant in extremely hot and dry conditions, it will reinvigorate when conditions change. Nara is a low-care turf and is an ideal choice if you don’t have time to invest in lawn maintenance.

Maintaining a healthy lawn

In order for your lawn to reach its full potential, you must be prepared to maintain it. At Rivers Edge Turf we can tend to all of your lawn maintenance needs.

Watering your lawn

Watering is simple! If your grass does not spring back when you step on it, it is likely that it is in need of water.  As soon as you notice your lawn beginning to dry out, give it a good soaking. As a general rule, water heavily when the lawn needs it, rather than watering lightly on a more frequent basis. For the best results, water your lawn in the early morning.

Mowing your lawn

Mowing frequently during the growing season reduces the amount of work that your turf’s root system is required to do. When the lawnmower blade cuts down the leaves, the grass is forced to grow in order to absorb sunlight; therefore encouraging the grass to expand. This means that you will have a thicker and healthier lawn that is much more resistant to weeds and diseases.

Fertilizing, aerating and weeding your lawn

In addition to watering & mowing regularly, you will need to make some time throughout the year for several larger jobs including fertilizing, aerating and weeding.

Fertilizing must be done to add nutrients to the soil. If you mow regularly, your grass will grow quickly and will need to draw extra nutrients from the soil. The most effective way to fertilize is by spreading a slow-acting commercial granular fertilizer on your lawn once or twice a year. You can also use a natural fertilizer such as compost and manure.

When the soil becomes compacted from either foot traffic or mowing, the oxygen can’t reach the microbes that break down the organic matter that enriches the soil. It is important to aerate the soil periodically to keep your lawn healthy.

Weeding will be an ongoing process, but it should not take a lot of time to do once a healthy lawn is established. Typically, all lawns will play host to weeds at some point in time, and they don’t do much damage in small numbers. Simply pull the weeds, and if the problem is much larger – spray them with a low-toxicity herbicide.

For more information on maintaining your lawn, please refer to our lawn care suggestions or read our FAQs. We also have lots of information about lawns in our blog!

So if you are looking for turf in the Hawkesbury or in the Sydney region, turf supplies and turf rolls are our specialty. We are dedicated to providing the best possible turf supply and customer service in the area. For more information, contact us via our online form or call us on 02 4579 9009 today!


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