Best Turf for Sydney & Surrounding Areas

Best Turf for Sydney & Surrounding Areas

Rivers edge turf is one of the leading suppliers of turf to the Hawkesbury and surrounding areas.  With nearly 15 years experience growing and laying turf locally we consider ourselves experts in the area of turf supplies and lawn. We exist to provide quality instant lawn to Sydney and surrounding areas and excel in growing superior turf. Newcastle, greater western Sydney and lower Blue Mountains are all areas that we extend our services to.  We are a family owned and operated business and are based in the Hawkesbury valley, amongst the spectacular Hawkesbury turf farms, or commonly known by the locals as Windsor turf farm.

The exterior of a property is often one of those aspects of a home that is left until last to be completed when renovations take place or when you purchase a home and move in. its easy to move in and get the inside of the home finished and ignore the daunting task of manicuring the outside area.

The outside of a property can be daunting and often might need a lot of work, but what many people don’t realise is that with a little effort and planning, a basic, unattractive yard can be restored and brought back to life with a few simple changes- one of these being laying some turf.

The initial outlay of turf can be costly but the rewards are remarkable and with a little maintenance can continue to add value to your home.

Rivers edge turf is one of the primary suppliers of turf in the Hawkesbury area and is located amongst the Windsor turf farm district.  Over the years, they have built their reputation, and are well known in the area for there customer service and quality products.

It can be difficult to choose a turf supplier, and often it’s difficult to know how to choose the right type of grass. Sydney turf experts suggest that since there are numerous turf farms around the area, visiting the farm in person can often be a helpful step in knowing which turf to buy for your home. They can help you gather a better understanding of your location and environment and they are experts in knowing which grass will be the best turf for Sydney homes. At rivers edge turf we also have exceptional landscaping and green-keeping staff that can provide excellent turf installation and maintenance services.

There are three main ways you can create a new lawn for your home.

You can sow grass seeds, but this can take a long time to establish. You could opt for small seedlings planted at intervals, but this is also takes a while to get going. The third choice is turf, which can be laid at virtually any time of year and creates an almost-instant lawn. For many homeowners, this is the simplest solution.

When it comes to groundcover, nothing beats turf. Its easy to lay, it looks green and lush straight away and also requires the least amount of care.

Grass seeds and seedlings require an enormous amount of care and watering over a long period of time. Lawn however, does require a lot of watering initially but once the lawn is established and “bedded” down (this means the roots have taken into the soil and are growing) you can then ease on the watering and depending on the season, minimal watering is required.

Ideally your turf should be laid on the same day as it arrives. One of the biggest mistake people make is ordering turf and not having their area prepared to lay it. This means the turf rolls can dry out and therefore the root system begins to die.

When you purchase your turf rolls make sure you are 100% ready to roll it out to avoid any nasty surprises.

Preparation therefore is critical to laying a good lawn. For best results, making sure you soil is level and well fertilized is important and also making sure all weeds are removed. If your soil is poor quality one of the best ways around this is to remove some of the bad soil, and replacing a good amount of soil with a good quality turf soil. Soil is easily purchased from a landscape supply store, alternatively contact us to purchase a good turf underlay. Sydney suppliers, Rivers edge turf has everything you need to create a beautiful lawn.

Many Australian soils are simply not well suited to growing grass- as least without a fair amount of help. Too much compacted clay means that air and water cant penetrate the root system and other can be too alkaline or acidic.

Fortunately, poor soil can easily be corrected with the right help, if replacing soil isn’t an option, your soil can be corrected with a few easy steps. If your soil is too alkaline (pH 7.5 and higher) you can correct it by adding gypsum or sulphur.

If the pH is below 5.0, you can add lime for soil improvement. The best PH level for soil is between 5.0 and 7.0. Talk to one of our experts today to assist you in finding out what will best help you prepare for your turf before it arrives.

Removing weeds can also be a lengthy process in preparation, but its really important to make sure all weeds are removed before the turf is laid. For tough weeds you may need a few applications applications of a suitable non-residual glyphosate weed killer spray. Spread out the applications to 10 days apart and then remove the dead surface after the recommended waiting time. Eliminating weeds in the preparation stages means you’ll have much less in the future as the lawn grows. Remember, weeds are notorious for springing up anywhere.

When you have prepared your soil and area for laying the turf, the next step is measuring out how much you will need. One of our professionals can guide you in how to do this so your buy the exact amount you will need. No one wants to waste expenses on unwanted turf rolls, and you definitely don’t want to be left short on the day on laying the turf either.

It’s important to measure the area correctly, to avoid over or underestimating.

Once you’ve prepared, ordered and layer your turf all you need to do is follow the easy care instructions from greener lawn and within no time at all you find you have the lawn you always dreamed of.


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