Why Are Some Turfs More Expensive Than Others?

Why Are Some Turfs More Expensive Than Others?

High quality turf will often carry higher prices than other types of turf, which may leave your wondering, what makes the price difference. After all, all types of turf are just different types of grass, so what makes some expensive while others are not.

Soil Quality

Higher quality turf will be grown in higher quality soil. Soil that is better built, with higher levels of nutrients that your lawn needs will cost more than low grade soil. This investment in the soil will mean a better lawn overall, as it better supplies what the turf needs to grow.

Seed Varieties

The engineering behind the seeds used to create the turf will change the cost as well. When you use high quality seeds that have been bred to create a seed that withstands the climate and potential issues that could be present where it’s grown, the cost of the seed itself increases. Years of testing which types work best in different climates requires money. Testing and improving on the seed produces better seeds, but requires regaining some of the cash put into the research stages. This testing stage also determines the colour and health levels of the turf once it is past the seed stage.


Another added cost, that can increase the price of a turf over it’s competition, is the way that the rolls of turf are harvested. Specialised machines, and mowers that are at just the right height, and sharpness, as well as irrigation add to the overall cost of the turf. These things ensure the best quality turf gets to your yard, but also adds another cost to consider in the overall price of things.

Does that mean cheaper turf won’t suit your needs? Not necessarily.

As mentioned some of the above list are reasons why some turf is more expensive than others and the reverse is true. A cheaper turf may be the result of untested seeds. Yes, it may look great in the beginning when it is first laid, but it may not fair as well with different temperatures and in different climates. What looks good this year, may barely return the next. It could also be that less things have been added to the soil or the grass itself. Less fertiliser means less costs being put out and less costs needing to be passed onto the end buyer.

No matter what turf you have decided upon, whether you are seeking high quality turf or less expensive options, let our team at Rivers Edge Turf help you pick out just the right one for your needs and budget. With years of experience and happy customers all over Australia, we will ensure that you have a happy, healthy lawn for many years to come.



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